The Guild of Surveying Engineers’ Elections

The pre-application period of the Maanmittarikilta election will open on Monday the 9th of October at 12 pm and will continue until Monday the 6th of November 11 pm. From these pages, you can find information about the election.

How can you apply and how the election works?

There are three parts to the Guild’s election: the pre-application period, the election meeting, and the post-election search. The pre-application period opened on Monday 9 October at 12 noon and runs until Monday 6 November at 23:00. You can apply for all the positions open during the pre-application period.

The election meeting of Maanmittarikilta will take place on Tuesday 7 November at 17:00 at the Design Factory (Puumiehenkuja 5). The election meeting will be used to elect the board, responsible officials, and other officials, where there is a statutory limit on the number of people who can be elected, for the year 2024. In addition to the pre-application period, you can also stand for election at the meeting. More information on the election meeting below.

After the election meeting, the call for nominations for official positions for which there is no statutory limit will continue until Thursday the 16th of November at 23.00. Elections for these positions will be carried out by the board 2024 and the responsible officials 2024. The Board of Maanmittarikilta has the right to limit the number of persons elected. Each applicant will have the opportunity to justify why they should be elected to the position in question.

How does the election meeting work?

The election meeting of Maanmittarikilta will take place on Tuesday 7.11. from 17:00 at the Design Factory. The meeting will elect the officials of Maanmittarikilta 2024 in the following order: Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, other board members, responsible officials, and other officials. The order of election for the positions of other board members, responsible officials, and other officials will be determined by the number of applicants in the pre-application period. The positions with the highest number of candidates will be selected first.

The selection for each position will begin with the introduction of the candidates for that position, followed by a round of questioning for each position, giving members present at the meeting the opportunity to ask questions from the candidates. The time limit for the presentation of candidates and the duration of the questionnaires are specific to each position. The indicative interview and questioning times are set out in the diagram of the selection procedures for board and officer positions in Maanmittarikilta. Interviews and questionnaires will not be conducted for official positions if the number of applicants is equal to the number of persons to be elected. The Chair of the meeting has the right to make changes to the time limits if deemed necessary. The notice of the meeting, together with the agenda, will be sent to the members of the Guild at least one week before the meeting.

Please note that only full members of the Guild have the opportunity to be elected to the posts and to vote at the election meeting. If you are unsure of your membership status, you can verify it via

Where can I find more information about the board and guild officials?

You can find out more about the board and officials of the guild in a number of different places. Listed below are a few good ways to find more information:

  • The guild website has descriptions of all the board and official positions in the guild. You can find the job descriptions here.
  • Maanmittarikilta has a comprehensive overview of the positions on the guild’s official diagram.
  • From 9 to 23 October, the Guild will be running on Instagram to showcase the different board and officer positions. Alongside the posts, board members will share their own experiences of working in the positions. From 30 October to 3 November, the Guild Board will organise a Q&A session on Instagram story, where you can ask questions about the different positions.
  • During October, a Guild Room Coffee will be held with the theme of guild activities. We welcome you to learn more about guild activities and how to apply. More information and dates to follow.
  • Feel free to send a message to current members. Current guild officials will be very happy to talk more about the positions and their own experiences with the position.

Anything else?

If you have any questions about the Guild’s election campaign, please feel free to approach any of the current members of the Board with your questions. Below is the timetable structure for the elections. Good luck and have a nice election season everyone!